The Phillips Academy Poll is led by Phillips Academy faculty and students. The poll’s faculty supervisor is Dr. Nicholas Zufelt, and polling research is conducted by Patrick Chen and Alex Shieh.

Contact Chief Pollster Alex Shieh (ashieh23@andover.edu) with media inquiries about polling results.

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Faculty Supervisor

Nicholas Zufelt, Ph.D.

Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science

Nicholas Zufelt is the faculty supervisor for The Phillips Academy Poll. Dr. Zufelt is a member of the Phillips Academy faculty and an instructor in the department of mathematics, statistics, and computer science. He earned his Ph.D. focused in Mathematics from The University of Texas at Austin and was previously a Research Associate at Imperial College London.

Dr. Zufelt currently serves as a fellow at the Tang Institute, where he develops curricula on the ethical considerations of data and algorithms.

Student Polling Board

Patrick Y. Chen, Executive Director

Alexander K. Shieh, Chief Pollster

Benjamin A. Garozzo, Lead Political Analyst

Howard D. Wolfe III, Lead Political Analyst

Julian Reed, Lead Data Architect

Nicholas C. Donnellan, Chief Strategy Officer

Gary Han, Lead Outreach Coordinator

Associates: Michelle Chen, Felix Frisch, Nathan Godsey, Josh Lee, George Stoody, Andy Barton, Stewart Kristiansen, Edouard Des Parois Perrault, Daigo Moriwake, Raina Yang, Amanda Chiang, Daniel Zou, Darren Zhu

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