The Phillips Academy Poll is a student-led organization and is run by Phillips Academy students and faculty.

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Patrick Chen is Executive Director and Co-Founder of The Phillips Academy Poll.
Alexander Shieh is Chief Pollster and Co-Founder of The Phillips Academy Poll.
Nicholas Donnellan is Chief Strategy Officer of The Phillips Academy Poll.
Lead Outreach Coordinators: Stew Kristiansen, Gary Han.
Lead Political Analysts: Ben Garozzo, Trey Wolfe.
Lead Data Architects: Julian Reed, Ed Perrault.
Outreach Coordinators: Lucas Benardete, Amanda Chiang, Anna Korczak, Angeline Zhao, Daniel Zou.
Political Analysts: Michelle Chen, John Fernandez Suarez, Luke Fernandez Suarez, Felix Frisch, Anthony Ganci, Nathan Godsey, Josh Lee, Theo Sfikas.
Data Architects: Andy Barton, Kyle Chen, Tianyi Gu, Daigo Moriwake, Daniel Rekoske, Raina Yang, Darren Zhu.
Faculty Advisor: Nicholas Zufelt, Ph.D.