New Hampshire 2022: Sununu polling at 72.5%, Hassan leading Republican opponents

The Phillips Academy Poll’s latest poll of New Hampshire, running from April 4 to April 8, is out.

The Phillips Academy Poll found Chris Sununu leading by 48.4% in a hypothetical gubernatorial election against Tom Sherman. Chris Sununu, the incumbent Republican Governor, is running for his fourth term. Tom Sherman is a state senator, and the only Democrat in the race so far. Prior to Sununu’s first election, Democrat Maggie Hassan served two terms.

In a hypothetical senate race between Maggie Hassan and Donald C. Bolduc, The Phillips Academy Poll finds Hassan leading Bolduc by 14.9% among registered voters. Democrat Maggie Hassan, the incumbent, previously served two terms as Governor of New Hampshire. Donald C. Bolduc is a former brigadier general and a leading contender in the Republican primary. New Hampshire’s other senator, Jeanne Shaheen, is also a Democrat, though Hassan’s seat was previously held by Republican Kelly Ayotte, whom Hassan defeated in 2016.

The Phillips Academy Poll also found Maggie Hassan leading by 5.5% in a hypothetical Senatorial election against Chuck Morse. Chuck Morse, a 12-year New Hampshire state senator, is battling retired brigadier general Donald C. Bolduc for the Republican nomination. Maggie Hassan is one of the Senate’s most vulnerable Democrats, as she won by only 0.1% against Ayotte in 2016.

The Phillips Academy Poll found only 41.7% of New Hampshire voters approved of Joe Biden’s performance as president. Biden has been in office for just over a year, and his disapproval rating in the Granite State is sitting at 50.6%. While 7.7% of voters did not have an opinion of President Biden’s performance, the majority of voters still disapproved of his presidency. In 2020, Biden won New Hampshire’s four electoral votes.

The Phillips Academy Poll found that 48.0% of respondents want a Republican congressperson while 36.3% prefer a Democrat. The Democratic Party of New Hampshire has put emphasis on education, healthcare, job security, and voting rights, while the Republican Party of New Hampshire has focused on jobs and the economy, taxes and spending, law and order, and education. New Hampshire, considered one of the most fiscally conservative states in New England, and has become a swing state in the presidential elections in the last 20 years, though both of New Hampshire’s current U.S. Representatives are Democrats.

The Phillips Academy Poll also found that roughly 45% of New Hampshire voters consider coronavirus their top issue, with 21% and 16% citing climate change and foreign affairs, respectively. In January 2022, both daily deaths and new cases reached a high in New Hampshire and it has become a major health issue. Generally, Governor Chris Sununu has been supportive of COVID-19 mandates in the state although recently, with the mask mandate lifted, there are calls for New Hampshire to be more active against the recent surge of cases.

Phillips Academy’s survey of New Hampshire is noteworthy as it makes The Phillips Academy Poll the nation’s first high-school-run public opinion poll. Click here for a full report on The Phillips Academy Poll’s results.

This poll was conducted over the phone with an automated Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system. Click here to see The Phillips Academy Poll’s methodology.

This poll was made possible by a grant from the Abbot Academy Fund, continuing Abbot’s tradition of boldness, innovation, and caring.

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